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If you are concerned about a loved one who is unable to care for their own interest or the interests of their minor child(ren), there are many types of guardianships that can be established to help you ensure that they are properly taken care of. At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP, our Florida Guardianship Attorneys in Miami have first-hand experience with Florida guardianship laws and are happy to help protect your loved ones through this important court-supervised process.

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Guardianships establish a legal relationship where a guardian is appointed to make important financial and/or personal decisions for another individual who is legally unable to do so for themselves. The individual may either be a minor child whose parents have passed away or have become incapacitated, or an adult who has become incapacitated or disabled and are unable to care for themselves. Establishing a guardianship may be appropriate when:

  • Someone is no longer able to make or communicate appropriate decisions for themselves and/or property. Whether they are failing to pay bills, are losing money or tack of their accounts, forgetting their appointments, mishandle medication, are not driving safely, or are neglecting their hygiene. They may also be experiencing unusual paranoid or angry behavior.
  • A person has become vulnerable to fraud or influence.
  • Minor children receive a financial settlement of $15,000 or more as a result of a claim for wrongful death, property damage, or personal injury.
  • A child with a developmental disability has reached the legal age of 18.
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What Our Florida Guardianship Attorneys in Miami Do For You:

  • Guide you through the phase of incapacity determination
  • Guide & represent you in the filing of the petition for incapacity & the hearing
  • Handle the legal proceeding for guardianship
  • Provide ongoing legal guidance to the appointed guardians who per Florida law will be monitored by the Court
  • Provide annual filings for the appointed guardians


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If you have considered guardianship, you probably have questions or concerns about the legal process. Our Attorneys are ready to advise and guide you with the entire process. Call now to schedule a consultation, with absolutely no commitment.