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Your home is your most important asset, and the thought of losing it can certainly be a good reason to keep you up at night. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, what you do next can make the difference between saving your home and losing it to foreclosure.

Once you get behind on your payments, your mortgage company will become your adversary. It won’t look for ways to help you keep your home. Our attorneys will.



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Defending Your Home From Foreclosure

Once you get behind on your payments, your mortgage company will become your adversary. It won’t look for ways to help you keep your home. Our attorneys will.

Many people who fall into default with their mortgage loans often experience some sort of hardship which set them back from being able to pay. The most common incidents that prevent someone from complying with their mortgage payments have typically been faced with divorce, a pay cut, loss of employment, paying unexpected funeral expenses of a loved one, or the cost of medical care or treatment. Fortunately, there are many solutions to resolve mortgage debt problems. One may be right for you. The following are examples of ways to stop a foreclosure:

  • Mortgage loan modification: By modifying your mortgage loan, you may be able to change the terms for repayment of your loan and may even reduce your payments to help you get current again.
  • Filing bankruptcy Filing bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process and give you time to either negotiate a mortgage modification or let you get on an affordable payment plan to get your loan up to date. By discharging credit card and other types of debt, you will have more money left over for house payments. You may also be able to eliminate a second mortgage or other subordinate loans.
  • Lease buybacks: In a lease buyback, a nonprofit company buys your home and leases it back to you. Later on, you can buy your home back. It’s important to be represented by a lawyer, as some companies offering lease buybacks are not reputable.
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For More Information About Ways To Prevent A Home Foreclosure

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What Does a Foreclosure Attorney Do?

Only the best Miami Dade Foreclosure Attorneys know what laws a mortgage lender is required to comply with from the point of loan origination to how your mortgage loan should be serviced by the lender. However, even a highly qualified foreclosure lawyer may not know exactly how to defend your mortgage if you are facing divorce and foreclosure proceedings at the same time.

Luckily, our Miami Attorneys have plenty of experience with these type of cases. The results of our effective defense tactics can be seen in the many hundreds of foreclosure proceedings we have resolved, including the same number of loan modifications we obtained for our clients.

Act Now To Stop Foreclosure

The farther behind you get on your mortgage payments, the harder it is to save your home. Once you receive foreclosure papers, you have only 20 days to respond. If you don’t, you can lose your property.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.