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At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP, we understand that the well-being and happiness of your family is important. That’s why when conflicts arise in a family, we know how important it is for you to work with an experienced Family Attorney you can trust.

Going into family law court is never easy and for good reason. It’s hard to deal with matters that can affect the life of your loved ones. Especially, when you don’t know your rights or what to expect. That’s why our Attorneys are here to help protect your interests and your family. With our Attorneys at your side, you can be sure to face a family court with a solid plan of action to increase the chances of obtaining the result you’re hoping for.

Get The Help You Need To Protect Your Interests & Your Family, With The Experience Of Our Family Law Attorneys.

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We serve clients in Coral Gables and Miami-Dade, Florida throughout with all aspects of family law, including:

  • child custody,
  • child support,
  • establish paternity,
  • adoption,
  • relocation,
  • domestic violence, and more.

We hope you will take some time to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Our Business Is All About Protecting Your Legal Interests

The legal system can be intimidating. Especially, when you don’t know your rights or how to protect them. Our Attorneys have over 30 years of experience helping clients with solutions to all their legal matters.




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Top 4 Reasons To Hire A Family Law Attorney

  1. Your Ex Has A Lawyer. You do not want to find yourself thinking that the case did not turn out as you wanted because you hired a lawyer and you did not.
  2. Your ex prevents you from seeing your child (ren). This is a clear indication that the matter is more complicated.
  3. You live in different states or countries. Laws may vary depending on the jurisdiction that is applicable to your case.
  4. Your Case Has Become More Complicated. If you suspect that your ex has changed his mind about your agreement or does not want to comply, it is time to hire a lawyer.


Serving Clients In Coral Gables & Miami-Dade, Florida

Our Family Law Attorneys Understand Your Rights & Will Protect Them

When it comes to any conflict that must be addressed by a family court, it’s hard to make decisions that can affect the future of your loved ones. Especially, when your emotions can get in the way of your ability to think clearly. That’s why our Family Law Attorneys are here to help you with making those important decisions and will fight to help you obtain the result you’re hoping for. There is nothing more important than family and that’s why we are here to help protect yours.

The following pages provide more information about family law:

  • Divorce: We will help make sure you reach a fair agreement to finalize every aspect of your divorce.
  • Child Custody: It is important to establish a well thought-out and carefully drafted parenting plan for the custody of your children.
  • Child Support: The state of Florida uses a formula to calculate how much child support one parent is to pay the other.


child custody law service

Child Custody Disputes

A child custody dispute is stressful for any parent. Especially, when you don’t know your rights or what to expect. Regardless of which parent is making it difficult, you need to face the court and be prepared with a solid plan of action to increase the chances of obtaining the result you expect. That’s why…

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Child Custody Lawyer

Family Law Attorney Miami

Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP has been representing clients with their family law matters for over 30 years. Our Family Law Attorney Miami Lawyers work hard to obtain the results you want in domestic relations involving divorce, property settlements, paternity, parental rights, adoption, visitation, child custody, post-divorce, or guardianship matters. For any Family Law Miami…

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