11 questions about bankruptcy

11 Questions Before Filing Bankruptcy in Florida

Bankruptcy can help resolve problems associated with personal or corporate finances. Once you file a Bankruptcy petition through an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Miami Lawyer, it generally provides additional time to solve financial issues but the most obvious impact is that it yields immediately debt relief and helps stop those harassing phone calls from creditors. Here…

Foreclosure Defense in Miami

Our Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Can Stop The Unpredictable Foreclosure.

No one predicts foreclosure when buying real estate. But when unexpected changes impact your finances or the economy, foreclosure certainly can become your worst fear. Fortunately, there are legal debt solutions and mortgage defenses to avoid a Miami Dade Real Foreclosure. At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, our Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorneys are here to guide…

Stressed About Unmanageable Debt

Unmanageable Debt Solutions

If you are struggling with Unmanageable Debt, you are not alone. There are many unexpected events in life that can affect your finances. Thankfully, there are Bankruptcy laws to help resolve your debt problems. At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, our Attorneys offer over 30 years of experience and a solid record of success to help…