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Do I Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney Miami Lawyer?

Homeownership is certainly still the American Dream. After the Great Recession, new mortgage loan programs have been established that make home-buying more attainable. The most important thing to do when interested in buying a home or other real estate property is to be prequalified for a mortgage loan to know exactly where you stand. Another important step is to find an experienced Real Estate Attorney Miami Fl Lawyer who will safeguard your interest and make sure that the terms of the contract for your purchase benefit you. Having a Real Estate Attorney Miami Lawyer at your side will assure that nothing is wrong with the property you are preparing to acquire. There is nothing worse than having to forfeit your initial down payment (also referred to as escrow deposit) simply because you failed to be protected by a properly prepared real estate purchase contract.


How can a Real Estate Attorney Help Me?

When purchasing a home or conducting any transfer of real estate property, it is imperative that an experienced Real Estate Attorney be involved in the transaction to assure that everything is accurately completed. Any matters that may compromise title to a property will hinder on your ability to either refinance or sell your home at a later time and may even prove costly or unaffordable. That’s why if you’re interested in buying or selling a home in Miami, Florida, it’s best to save yourself a headache by contacting the Real Estate Attorney Miami Fl Lawyers at Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP.

Don’t find yourself in an unfortunate situation after purchasing your home. Many people who do not hire a Real Estate Attorney to protect them in their closing transaction often come to find out that their home is a money pit full of necessary repairs, liens, and running fines for violations that weren’t addressed prior to acquiring the property. These scenarios are often due to Closing agents lack of experience or even your failure to be thorough with your due diligence. By not having the guidance of someone experienced with real estate law on your side to protect you, you are exposed to these type of problems. Especially now after all the Miami Dade real foreclosures that took place in recent years. What many people don’t understand is that a Florida licensed real estate agent is not there to protect your interest when purchasing or selling a home. No matter how experienced, a Florida Real Estate Agent is not qualified to understand Florida real estate law and can not provide legal guidance regarding any real estate matters. Our Real Estate Attorney Miami Lawyers are here to help you every step of the way.

Real Estate Attorney Miami Lawyers for Miami Real Estate Closing Transactions

Our Senior Partner, Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero offers over 30 years experience with Real Estate Law and has been highly recognized as a Top Real Estate Attorney Miami Fl Lawyer throughout time for successfully conducting thousands of Real Estate transactions in Miami and throughout South Florida. Contact us today.